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IVOCOM Limited

Well done to the team for recovery of monies for our client IVOCOM Limited of Swindon, a difficult situation made right.

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Early signs that your customer can’t settle your invoice

Good cash flow is the life blood of any business, whether large or small, so it’s essential to monitor overdue invoices and act quickly to ensure payment. Failure to act promptly could mean your firm incurs damaging losses if a defaulting customer becomes insolvent and can’t afford to pay you. Naturally, there are several early signs that a customer may

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5 W’s of working with a Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection Agencies- the 5 W’s With late payment causing considerable damage to cash flows across the country, many businesses are turning to debt collection agencies for help. Cobra Financial Solutions are on hand to help businesses recover what is rightfully theirs through persistent, persuasive and professional debt recovery services. Whilst some will see the process of outsourcing overdue invoices

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Take Control of Your Debt Collection efforts by partnering with a Debt Collection Agency

Running a small business can be one of the most difficult and demanding things that you will ever do. Dealing with outstanding balances on your accounts is likely to be one of things that require your attention regularly. But if you don’t want the hassle, or are feeling out of your depth, Cobra Financial Solutions can help. For many small

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An introduction to Commercial Debt Collection

The history of debt collection goes back as far as the invention of money. In all that time, the process has essentially stayed the same- you borrow the money from a creditor and promise to pay it back within a set time frame. If that promise isn’t fulfilled, someone will come and visit you to collect the money in person.

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When customers don’t pay

No pay customers or slow to pay customers can be a real nightmare for small business owners. As we sure you know, those outstanding invoices often create chaos in your working environment but as one of the leading debt collection agencies in the United Kingdom, Cobra Financial Solutions are here to help. Not only interfering with a small business’ cash

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Planning for the post-Christmas slump

It’s a stark reality- as business starts to slow down for the Christmas closure periods, so too does the cash flow. Without proper planning, small businesses could become another statistic. For most businesses, reduced cash flow doesn’t typically have an impact until late February and early March. But while we are getting in the festive spirit, Christmas is a perfect

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5 ‘Could be’ reasons why B2B customers fail to pay

1. Credit Card has Expired If your client gives a credit card to be automatically charged each month, that card will expire at some point. This is normally after about three years. Be sure to take note of the expiration date of the credit card and be prepared to contact your client when the card would typically be renewed. Of

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How to Get Paid

It happens in every business and in every industry – debt recovery. Clients and customers pay invoices late. You’ve called. You’ve emailed. You’ve sent letters through the post but nothing works. It’s at this point that businesses should begin considering turning to a debt collection firm such as Cobra Financial Solutions. As professional debt collection agents, our dedicated team specialise

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Hiring a Commercial Debt Collection Agency VS going to Small Claims Court

Whether you run a small business or a large international corporation, when your clients fail to pay you for the products or services you provided to them, it can kill your profits and cash flow. This unsettles normal business operations and can be very disruptive. The old saying, ‘time is money’ is most definitely true when it comes to commercial

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