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The impact of late payment in the UK

In 2017, late payments continue to cause problems for many businesses across the United Kingdom and new research has suggested that 6 in 10 invoices are unpaid at due date. It’s a major concern that 70% of businesses rely heavily on being paid within terms to avoid a working capital downfall. Research carried out by Amicus Commercial Finance has shown

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How to avoid late or non-payments

Late payment or non-payment is adversely effecting commercial businesses up and down the country but one particularly alarming trends lies in the number of businesses having to write off turnover as ‘uncollectable’. Most coverage within the media makes the assumption that businesses receive their outstanding monies in the end but unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Many businesses receive absolutely

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Preserve customer relationships with professional B2B debt collection

If you tell a successful salesperson that a long term customer’s account is being sent to a debt collection agency, just wait and watch for their reaction. While the salesperson will have visions of rogue debt collectors pestering their customer with threats of bad credit references, judgements and legal suits and the end to their ongoing working relationship, they’ll have

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Separating Fact from Fiction

It’s a common fact that many debtors will provide misleading or outright false information in order to make a debt harder to collect. In such instances, it is therefore important to have a well thought out and executed debt collection strategy in place to ensure success. Through extensive research, it has been discovered that people have developed a convincing explanation

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Four More Reasons Why Hiring a Commercial Collections Agency Is Better for Your Business

One of the most frequent questions the team here at Cobra Financial Solutions get asked is- is hiring a commercial collection agency truly better for your business? Undoubtedly the answer is yes. Not only does it free you from the stress and hassle of having to collection from your debtors, it also allows you to focus on what truly matters-

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Don’t Let Debt Collections Ruin Your Reputation

It’s likely you’ve heard of the companies United Airlines and Pepsi – giants such as these spend millions every year on their advertising and marketing. But as we’ve seen recently, all it takes is one ill-advised interaction or mistake and all that money has gone to waste- it’s literally like pouring it down the drain. When less high-profile companies suffer from

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The 5 Ws of using a debt collection agency

The 5 Ws of using a debt collection agency Late payments cause significant damage to businesses’ cash flow up and down the UK and it is a hard fact that many businesses are now turning to debt collection agencies such as Cobra Financial Solutions for help in recovering their outstanding accounts. And yes, while some businesses find it a daunting

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Understanding who your customer is

Understanding who your customer is Now this may sound a little odd but a lot of people don’t actually know who their customer is. But why is this? In the majority of cases, it is because people don’t actually ask! While you may know who your customer is, it is important you know their legal entity too. This is because

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Myth busting about debt collection agencies

Myth busting about debt collection agencies According to an independent review, in 2013 an alarming 56% of commercial businesses wrote off more than 1% of their turnover as uncollectable. If businesses were to speak up and ask for help from a professional debt collection agency like Cobra Financial Solutions, how many would have avoided having to write off their hard

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Why the small claims courts aren’t working

Why the small claims courts aren’t working Despite dizzying increases in court fees in recent years, the small claims courts are still not working as well as they should for claimants, and too many rulings in favour of the claimant go ignored by debtors who cannot or will not pay. To enforce the court’s judgment, all too often you have

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