It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas- is it acceptable to collect?

With Christmas very close, how do businesses like yours continue with the day to day running of the business, maintain positive working relationships while at the same time try to recover outstanding debts and not hamper the Christmas spirit too much?

While Christmas is clearly an exciting and emotive time of the year as everyone ‘decks the halls’ in preparation, in stark reality Christmas can heighten an already stressful and fragile situation giving businesses a rather grisly Christmas all around. More often than not, many people approach Christmas with trepidation appreciating that they are well overstretched already paying for additional goods and services in the run up to the festive break and unfortunately, in many cases, something has to be sacrificed. For you, this may mean that your debts are not paid by your customers as they don’t deem you a priority but what can you do to rectify this issue?

At Cobra Financial Solutions, each and every one of our debt collectors have many years of experience in the industry and have developed an approach of listening and persuading people to provide more information. What’s more, as with all good debt collectors, our experienced debt collection agents have a firm understanding that some clients just want to get Christmas ‘out of the way’ so they can start the New Year afresh and begin to pay their outstanding debts.

But when it comes to debt recovery, time is of the essence and although many people won’t know it, the debt collection agents here at Cobra Financial Solutions want to help people clear their debts down as much as you do. So whether it is Christmas or not now is the time to act. Unfortunately, the longer you leave it, the harder it can become to start the process- so get in touch today to speak with our dedicated team of specialists.

But why do some businesses do all that they can to avoid settling their accounts, regardless of the time of year?

We believe that sometimes starting to repay what they owe you really is the hardest part of anything. Once they’ve begun, you’ll be making positive strides forwards to reach the end goal of settling all outstanding accounts and what a difference it will make to your working relationships but also your attitude towards your financial affairs in the long term.

Of course, if you have a commercial client with an account in collections, communication is of paramount importance. By engaging with a professional debt collection agency such as Cobra Financial Solutions, we will remove the hassle from debt recovery and work collaboratively with your client to ensure all monies are received promptly.

As we’ve stated previously, contrary to popular belief, debt collectors want to help businesses get their debts settled. Like we’ve said the hardest part of it all is starting the process and getting the ball rolling. Once this step has been taken, the positive rewards of engaging with a third party B2B commercial debt collection agency is evident to see. Your outstanding debts become settled and you have more money available, increasing your cash flow and total peace of mind that the situation has been dealt with in a proactive, professional and efficient manner. What more could you ask for?

Yes, it is December, Christmas is fast approaching and the year is running away with us but act now and you’ll be happy with the decision. You’ve probably heard lots of excuses already so let’s push for results, regardless of the time of year. Get in touch today to discuss your individual requirements – you won’t regret the decision when you choose Cobra Financial Solutions.