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About Cobra Financial Solutions Ltd

Cobra Financial Solutions Limited was formed in 2009, we are regarded as one of the fastest growing Debt Collection companies in the UK, We are an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) Approved company.

Whilst improving our success rate each year for the past 7 x years we are noticing a change, Debtors these days seem to be more aware on what their rights are and how to play the system, so many Debtors now come up with the line “take us to Court” they say this generally because they know that they can play the system and end up paying the claimant a minimal amount on the drip, a lot of the time they say this as it forces you to make a commercial decision on your next move, it is so frustrating when we see people walk away from chasing their monies because the Debtor has made things so negative, we are here to turn a negative into a positive.

One thing the year 2016 taught Cobra is face to face Debt Collection significantly increases collection rates.

Our job is to bring Debtors to the table by finding the right buttons to press, Debt Collection is not an exact science, no 2 x Debts are same, when a new case arrives on our desk the reason for this generally boils down to 2 x reasons –

  1. Communication has broke down due to the Debtor not wanting to pay, or
  2. The Debtor has fell on hard times and is burying their heads in the sand.

Our highly trained collectors establish very early on whether we are dealing with somebody who cannot pay or somebody who does not want to pay.

We act at all times with a responsibility and Professionalism that protects your reputation therefore in addition to collecting your monies you should expect the below.

  • National Coverage across the UK, Wherever the Debtor is they can and will be visited.
  • Complete Transparency of Progress and a dedicated account manager assigned to your case.
  • Prompt remittance of funds.

If you expect your debt collection company to provide all of the above then Cobra Financial Solutions Ltd are the company for you, our team consists of over 50 x years experience, the past lives of our specially chosen collectors means they are highly trained in dealing with objections, and negotiating settlements, Cobra are one of a few select companies in the UK fully regulated with the financial conduct we was awarded full permission in August 2015 after an 8 x month rigorous examination into our practices, we are very proud to have achieved full permission.

You can be assured we always operate to their strict code of practice, and retain the urgency and professionalism and persistence needed to collect your accounts, our collectors will overcome your debtors objection, remove frivolous disputes, seek admission of your debt and secure payment. Finally well have the funds cleared and remitted to you without delay

Our Proactive and pragmatic approach, coupled with real time information through significant investment made into search systems means we achieve industry high results, we leave no stone un turned in the pursuit of your monies.

Unlike our so called competitors we do not need an over the top website to make the company look bigger than it is, we at Cobra have always adopted the approach that we are small enough to cope and big enough to care, we do not employ people who act as robots we only employ fully qualified staff whoa re equipped to the do the job and not employed to act as an automated person, with near on 8 years successful trading under our belt we feel results speak for themselves

Our rules are simple if you would like us to act for you then 3 boxes must be ticked.

  1. Your Debt must be collectable.
  2. You have to be able to provide documentary evidence to confirm what you are owed, without sufficient documentation we will not take the case on.
  3. You must be serious about wanting to collect your monies.


If you would like to discuss your Debt problem then please contact ourselves

Top 10 debtor excuses

  1. I didn’t get the paperworkbury-head
  2. I’ve sent the cheque
  3. Its going back to Court
  4. I though it had been paid
  5. None of these things belong to me or the business
  6. All of these assets have been sold to someone else
  7. The person you are after has moved
  8. That’s not me
  9. My wife owns everything
  10. I sold it this morning


And Our Answers

  1. The debtor will have received reminders from the creditor, a letter before action, court papers and the judgement. Saying they know nothing about it is usually just an excuse, especially if our officer is enforcing at the address on all of the Court paperwork.
  2. The cheque is so rarely in the post! however, if so, they will be able to provide proof of this. People very rarely send cheques now, this is generally an excuse to buy further time.
  3. The debtor may be intending to go back to court to apply for a set aside or stay of execution, but unless they have already been awarded any of these then the then the enforcement will continue.  an application is merely that, an application.
  4. We often find debtors, especially in companies, trying to shift the blame onto someone else – it “should have been” the vague evasion language is a give away.
  5. This may be true, in which case the debtor 5 days to prove ownership.
  6. This is often claimed, but the debtor has to provide legitimate paperwork to prove this to prevent the enforcement officer from continuing with execution.
  7. Sometimes the debtor genuinely has moved, in which case the enforcement officer will try to obtain the new address, but as we find this is often just a trick to avoid enforcement.
  8. We have had cases were the debtor himself claims this, but our officer has been provided with a photograph of the debtor, we even had one where a debtor had a work photo ID round his neck as he spoke to our enforcement officer.
  9. The officer will need to be given proof of ownership before he releases the goods seized, it could still be seized if deemed “jointly owned”.
  10. If it has been sold, the the debtor needs to provide legitimate proof of the transfer of ownership. If the goods already seized before the sold them, the the debtor has knowledge of the writ then the debtor could have committed a criminal offence and may be arrested, imprisoned or fined.
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Cobra Financial Solutions Ltd are regulated by the financial conduct authority for accounts
formed under the consumer credit act 1974